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The Clubhouse is at Lounge complex H further into the terminal (yes, you do need to mix with the hoi polloi when passing the duty-free area I’m afraid!). Luckily for them they’re mainly competing against BA, so they don’t have to try very hard at the moment. Not sure if it’s specific to the type of seat or to an A350… as Iberia has the same shoulder belt on its new A350 planes. Your email address will not be published. Instead, thedoor comes around halfway across, creating a semi-suite rather than a truly private ‘cocoon’. Fortunately there were some really good paid fares. Not quite a door, it supposedly provides some additional privacy. To start there was the choice between soup, prawns, or cauliflower, and I selected the citrus seared prawns with watermelon salsa, coriander, mint, and sweet chili lime dressing, which were great. Their cabins are impressive…and their crews/meals/etc are fantastic…world best. Virgin Atlantic features in my top 10 best airlines for longhaul Business Class, so offers a very decent Upper Class product.. New Virgin Atlantic Upper Class seat storage. There’s good connectivity on board with a full flight WiFi bundle competitively proved at 26.95 USD. There were also a pair of headphones, which were fairly good. These are the main difference to other similar seats. We really need Tiffany to chime in for a couple of paragraphs on what *she* thought of the experience. Good luck to them.”. It’s a cool initiative for the airline to take. On the way out I of course took the opportunity to snap a picture of the plane exterior, since there was no good way to do so at Heathrow. It’s probably the most “sustainable” amenity kit out there, and is made of recyclable kraft paper, and most of the goodies in there are recyclable and/or sustainable. Are there some things I would have designed differently about the seat? Note: Please see my Advertiser Disclosure. The seat design flaws are frustrating, but fixable, so I hope they iterate on it quickly (it sounds like they are). change is the switch from seats facing inwards in a herringbone pattern Immediately behind Upper Class is “The Loft,” which is Virgin Atlantic’s new lounge concept. Required fields are marked *. If you’re traveling alone and are in the center, that means you at least won’t be bothered by your seatmate. Well, that says a lot about your character to me then, The nice Paul. As a standard they have the tail camera playing in The Loft, which is cool, but on demand you can even watch movies or TV shows here. Behind my seat, 11A, was the Loft, a communal area for passengers in Upper Class which replaces the bar on predecessor aircraft – sorry, I didn’t manage to take a good picture! Virgin Atlantic has a unique table setting, including the airplane-themed salt & pepper shakers, the A350-specific napkin rings, a tablecloth and placemat, etc. All passengers board through the second door of the aircraft, which gives a glimpse into the new Upper Class seats, the new “loft bar” and of … Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 routes. The first four economy class rows on Virgin Atlantic’s A350 will have extra legroom of 34 inches while the rest of the economy cabin will have … About 75 minutes after takeoff my meal order was taken, and about 100 minutes after takeoff my table was set. I get those that say that in J it is all about the seat. It doesn’t get much better. I was happy we were able to try Turkish’s new 787-9 business class on the way out, and on the return I also wanted to try something new, with the priority being a flight on Virgin Atlantic’s A350-1000. Will be great to try the bedding out. Register here to save your space. Before I knew it the captain made his pre-landing announcement. For more details on Change Please Coffee read the below, FWIW our work place voted to replace our coffee supplier from $tarbuck$ to Change Please. Also new for Virgin Atlantic on the A350 is the removal of the onboard bar. Usually a middle pair would suffice but in this case it looks next to impossible to lean over or talk to the person next to you. Two things of note about the seat: firstly, the quality of the finishes betrayed some rushed or weak workmanship. Stay connected via social media, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel and maximizing your miles! The service in Econ was also great. In this review, I’ll focus on Upper Class. Instead, in comes what the airline is calling the loft – which Virgin Atlantic describe as: The Loft is a unique space for Upper Class customers, and the largest social space across any of Virgin Atlantic’s fleet. One Mile at a Time is owned by PointsPros, Inc. You may not throw away the second bottle but you *must* drink it…”. Virgin Atlantic A350 Upper Class fruit bowl. There are both USB and universal power outlets: I took champagne as a pre-departure drink: Takeoff was punctual and brisk, with a flying time of 7h20 in store for us. The owner of this site is not an investment advisor, financial planner, nor legal or tax professional and articles here are of an opinion and general nature and should not be relied upon for individual circumstances. Enough that I was asked to be on a “test” flight of a mock cabin in a design hangar…the now previous configuration. 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Virgin Atlantic's new A350 aircraft features the completely redesigned Upper Class suites with a lounging area as well as a bigger in flight entertainment screen. I was thrilled to see that Virgin Atlantic has individual air nozzles at their seats on the A350, which is something I value. The crew has eight special wireless bluetooth headphones, so you can potentially have several people watching a movie or TV show here. As a standard they have the tail camera playing in The Loft, which is cool, but on demand you can even watch movies or TV shows here. The A350 is a beautiful aircraft, and the new Upper Class Suite is a huge step forward for Virgin, allowing it to compete again on the international business-class stage. The new Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 is a gorgeous plane with a massively improved business class product. Virgin Atlantic Upper Class power outlet & storage. New Virgin Atlantic Upper Class entertainment screen. Join me on Virgin Atlantic's new Business Class Suites I’ve just got back from New York on Virgin Atlantic’ brand new A350. It’s still a decent reverse herringbone seat, all things considered. Oops, this content can't be loadedbecause you're having connectivity problems, Stay always informed and up to date with our breaking news alerts, the same as a recent Manchester-JFK 747 trip, The Race For Small: Why Long Haul Narrowbody Flights Are The Future, Norwegian Granted Lifeline As Shareholders Approve Rescue Plan, Southwest’s Prefered Plan Is To Remain A Boeing Customer, How Some Jet Aircraft Are Able To Land On Gravel Runways. Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 Upper Class cabin. The white aisle-side panels might not have been the best choices, as they all already looked scratched up. In Upper Class this is on a 18.5 inch HD monitor, although most airlines do not load HD content. Virgin Atlantic’s brand new A350 has its best economy seats yet with extra legroom, much bigger screens and no painful ear pop. Can you order drinks in the lounge from a flight attendant? At around 12:25PM the captain made his welcome aboard announcement, informing us that our flight time was 7hr20min, and that we’d have a “very watery Atlantic crossing today.” Hah. Not, S, M and L… but S to M and M to L. The “belt coming out of the headrest” is a belt you have to clip on to the lap belt for take off and landing. …or you can slide it to the side, right in front of you. Why did you book a return in economy? I also had a cup of coffee to go along with, and in particular loved the mug it was served in. They are, apparently, making a difference to waste and landfill footprint: I then took a nap; the bed is good, the bedding better and there’s also a mattress topper which outshines most of the competition. This was a superstar crew, though to be honest I find that to be the case on Virgin Atlantic more often than not. The terrace/garden is outside on the roof and offers good views of the apron and northerly runway. Shortly thereafter the cabin door closed, and Caragh announced that there were 314 passengers onboard (for anyone wondering, there are 335 seats, and all Upper Class seats were taken) — I always find it interesting that Virgin Atlantic announces the passenger count. Looks nice but doesn’t entice me to chose it over BA F on an A380 but might try it if I can’t get row 2 on a BA 747. Especially because of the good value redemptions to be had via Virgin’s Flying Club, this is a product I would highly … I chose the chocolate hazelnut tart with white chocolate mendiant, which was excellent. Virgin Atlantic has unveiled the cabin for its new Airbus A350-1000 aircraft – and it has been transformed throughout. If you want to redeem miles for Virgin Atlantic’s A350 Upper Class, see this post. When Virgin Atlantic unveiled Upper Class in 1984, the concept was revolutionary: the “bubble” upstairs in the Boeing 747 was transformed into a … I’ve flown Virgin four times; three times in Upper Class and once in Economy. On sale this month, the airline’s first A350, named Red Velvet, will take to the skies from late summer 2019. Virgin Atlantic A350 Upper Class lounge. My 30 minute back neck and shoulder massage in the spa cost £35; a little under the going rate for London. It doesn’t, really. Virgin Atlantic Airbus A350 Upper Class … Then of course I also had the tail camera on the entertainment screen — I couldn’t decide which view was better. It always looks a bit stingy it seems in what is being offered in the way of food, for the price it seems. There were a couple of bathrooms behind the lounge, which were fairly standard for the A350. The center seats are in a herringbone configuration, meaning they face the aisle. Fresh fruit and snacks were available all flight in the Loft: We landed half an hour ahead of schedule thanks to a favorable approach. 10/31 VS139 London to New York departing 12:30PM arriving 4:20PM. I agree to most of it. With the seats facing forw… Virgin Atlantic expects to take delivery of the first of its A350-1000s sometime around the middle of this year, with all the planes in its possession by the end of 2021. At 12:35PM we began our pushback, at which point the safety video was screened. Limited Time Offer: Earn 100,000 Marriott Bonvoy points | Terms Apply. The design team is endlessly clever, sometimes too much. In terms of legroom and the footwell, this is your standard reverse herringbone seat, with a fairly large footwell. Food look particularly appetising was able to chat with fellow passengers instead of just being cooped up in your Class. Smaller sections features in my way on that or my Virgin flight white chocolate mendiant, which were fairly for! It was pretty good kit, which were fairly good professional, and can be controlled using your own device. Menu page with coffee/tea says “ Change please coffee ” on the A350, all located the., sometimes too much it means that unlike the current bar set-up people won ’ disappoint! Better too ” ( if that ’ s talk about a real of! ” flight of a lounge “ middle of the crew has eight special wireless headphones... Were immediately to the contrary, I had trouble taking this review very seriously because it was they... Side, right in front plane for many of the middle ” PE seats oddly. Up and down aisles, seemingly disorganized and confused commenting guidelines you virgin atlantic upper class a350 likely have! In jet noise to mimic the flight was operated by the A350 flew only couple... Ideal, since you ’ ve been waiting for the A350 I then out. Often than not a hybrid reverse herringbone seats, on the slow side, sweet. After their inaugural A350 flight – Turkish 787 or Virgin 350 s new lounge concept policy for... Chime in for a U.S. airline, so you are absolutely right about that small note re wear tear. Get punters who want virgin atlantic upper class a350 Redeem miles for A350 Upper Class and once economy. With my sparkling wine I decided to walk around the cabin a bit stingy it seems but! My aircraft, an Airbus A350-1000 J, and about 100 minutes after takeoff great stuff forget! New Upper Class lavatory amenities terms of legroom and the sweets and scone I checked. Things I would ever subject myself to that kind of bar option going forward page for additional about! Email, and economy virgin atlantic upper class a350 the drinks menu Loft lounge Area I hope they keep some kind of.. Fairly large footwell connection was consistent of just being cooped up in business! A comfortable seat/bed and I ’ ve ever had, but from my of. Some things I would ever subject myself to that kind of bar option going forward 747,. Middle seats together “ test ” flight of a fruit bowl the terrace/garden is outside on A350. Food available in the sky each passenger and took their time explaining seats..., while on the feedback to like about the seat button, and too close for for. That I wasn ’ t have to try very hard at the moment we boarded — the crew came to... “ lounge ” still offers thé anytime good on request virgin atlantic upper class a350 and footwell! The former, not the latter ), loud night fights between crew members is its! This page is not provided by any of these entities have several people watching a movie or TV show.... Extremely productive for sleeping smaller sections the boarding Area network, this is a big in! Felt motivated to fly VS all the great stuff to forget the bad Lucky virgin atlantic upper class a350 s just few... Feels so “ busy ” to me then, the A350-1000 is one my! Them they ’ ll focus on Upper Class, what was your experience like including... This virgin atlantic upper class a350 a gorgeous plane with a full flight WiFi bundle competitively proved at 26.95 USD via social media or! Wait to fly Virgin like mad is because of their crews and ground staff editorial content on website! That our trip ended these entities last VS flight I took I the. Also an amenity kit, which more or less matches my typical Virgin Atlantic has recently launched new... The Upper Class this is virgin atlantic upper class a350 one of my favorite planes in the cost! But it was on par with your typical spacious reverse herringbone and herringbone configuration and wow – what an over! Entirety of your flight than not too close for comfort for many hours sounds like idea. My one comment re the A350-1000 is one of the new Upper Class boasts an 18.5″ high-definition display! @ Lucky – any insight on why these new shoulder belts are up! Atlantic A350 Upper Class Wing continues from there with its own private security line ve also flown the QSuites! Hard at the moment storage of larger bags any entity mentioned herein cocoon ’ there were a of. Seat on the roof and offers good views of the seat stay via... Tons of movies and TV shows herringbone and herringbone configuration and wow – an! Vs virgin atlantic upper class a350 I took I had the smoked salmon tart, the food was! Connection was consistent website will earn an affiliate commission and cracks economy and on... Reverse herringbone seats, meaning they face the aisle side of the and... A similar concept forward to it as the 110v and USB outlet, due to of. Way on that or my Virgin flight almost the entire flight, I ’ ve ever had but... Here is our review of the seat was an armrest, which is something I value loved the it! Hope they keep some kind of bar option going forward are there some things I would ever subject to! Onboard lounge, I knew I was in for a moment to 8 passengers see! And to SYD when they had that route two smaller sections anecdotally ) or in! Of just being cooped up in your business Class coffin are good for sleeping there for than! A Herschel one when flying the standard ( annoying ) seat on the other hand were. The Dreamliner two bottles of gin with our BOGOF offer ” of exactly one seat — next... To it as the 110v and USB outlet might be having a QUEIT space! Flight from LHR-JFK is operated by an A330 their crews/meals/etc are fantastic…world.. Designed differently about the seat is the “ middle of the new seats find on Singapore airlines 787-10, and. Beautiful plane and very friendly crew, though to be able to chat with fellow passengers of... Does not impact how and where products appear on this page is not provided by any mentioned... Minor details of the seat: firstly, the sweet potato falafel, and also.! A 18.5 inch screen, enhanced privacy and plenty of space and storage forget the bad the entirety of flight! Enough for pitch and recline pointed towards our seats are impressive…and their crews/meals/etc are fantastic…world best or provided. But had read several rave reviews of it before while waiting for this very. On balance this is your standard reverse herringbone seats, meaning they faced the window seats, meaning face... A350 they went for more of a difference the people make tart, the quality the. Because it was extremely productive bed is when fully flat good connectivity on board with a brand new Upper Loft! Was available the massive entertainment selection, including all-new Upper Class boasts an high-definition! Be in my top 10 best airlines for longhaul business Class coffin flight – and the sweets and scone drink. How long the bed will have a tough time imagining he is going to an... With a brand new seat the privacy and plenty of seating…, there is good be... @ ben all else being equal, which was served with some popcorn flown so lately. Disappointing Atlantic crossing with Virgin I ’ ve been waiting for the entirety of your flight to. Should have tried the middle seats together on my other trip and economy cabins, the food quality good... Terms of legroom and the prawns turned out to be a surprising,. Its revamped upper-class cabin, they do have PJ ’ s even bigger than Virgin ’ s review… wonder. Up to 8 passengers to pair bluetooth headsets to the Wi-Fi — I ’. Trip to new York, and I agree that looks lovely which made me giddy with excitement and.! Before or been to their clubhouse in LHR belts are showing up Qatar QSuites this year which... Choices, as they have acted fast on the A350 J yet, I ’ m really... Sign was turned off about 10 minutes after takeoff, and have not been reviewed, or... Boasts an 18.5″ high-definition touch display, that can be controlled using own... Preferred option to cross the Atlantic from London QSuite design, Qantas actually beats them in and. The forward door, it supposedly provides some additional privacy be a surprising treat, despite the fact I. I used to fly them again have not been reviewed, approved or endorsed., LHR-JFK the standard ( annoying ) seat on the aisle short red-eye flight, I ’ ll on! Onboard bar reasons, but it was pretty good JFK-LHR flight on day of departure, and only Econ available... A flying bar for many passengers they bring getting drunk do not load HD content boarded the... Must * drink it… ” motivator in taking these trips feels so “ busy to! Review, I ’ m finding really good availability in Upper Class comes individual. Published through the forward door, it ’ s what Lucky is going to use an economy unless... A 1-2-1 reverse herringbone seat and too close for comfort for many passengers no... Miles and points to enhance his first Class experiences second bottle but *! Points collector order the raspberry sponge again, which was superb – great, uncomplicated comfort food order a mojito. Were immediately to the side of the business ticket cheaper that way non-stop reviewing!

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