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Christopher Barnes is an American beer writer, blogger, and brewing industry professional with a passion for travel, Belgium and Belgian beers. It is here that I first fell in love with this beer. It opened my eyes to how great these brews could be”, a friend of mine in his thirties told me about a year ago. He has won 13 awards from the North American Guild of Beer Writers. Carsten Berthelsen has been an author, broadcaster and professional beer writer for more than 25 years in Denmark. As well as this, he now works for Brewdog, where he writes everything from magazines to beermats (beermats are harder). While they’re not displacing the classic beers of Belgium, they’re adding new depth and vivacity to the conversation. Every year they make a special brew dedicated to Charles (Karel) Quint (1500-58), German-Roman Emperor. The recommendations of Belgian beer brands below are quite fascinating: ... Made with three grains – barley, wheat and oats – the golden 7.5 per cent ABV beer is served in a large 75cl sharing bottle. Oak is subdued and the yeasts it contains provide flavours reminiscent of grapefruit, nectarines and pineapple. There are over 150 breweries in the tiny country with more than 1,000 different Belgian beer brands. Boon Kriek Lambic Cherry Beer 250Ml. The flavour is just as complex: the beer has a creamy mouthfeel and delicate sweetness without being sticky as well as being fruity, bitter and orangey with a long, dry and pleasantly bitter aftertaste. Find out more about this beer:, [singlepic id=1291 w= h= float=none] Photo by walknboston / CCBY // Chosen by Ashley V Routson, “Crisp, refreshing and super low in alcohol—one can only presume that Dupont’s Avril is the closest thing to the original farmhouse ales, which were typically brewed as a hydration alternative to water for farmhands. Jason Perkins is the Brewmaster at Allagash Brewing in Portland, Maine where he has worked for over 17 years. “I get great satisfaction when I see people enjoying beer. This beer is either loved or hated. Where does the floral grapefruit end? Belgian Wheat, BelgiumMagic Hat Vinyl 6.00 - Lager, South Burlington, VTStella Artois 5.50 - Belgian Lager, BelgiumYards "Love" 6. Find out more about this beer:, [singlepic id=1315 w= h= float=none] Chosen by Melissa Cole, “A family-brewed beer with 120 years of history, Omer is an often overlooked but seriously refreshing beer that drinks well below its weight. Since 1992 he has worked as a journalist and publisher on titles such as Michael Jackson’s ‘Great Beers of Belgium’ and the Bierpassie/Bièrepassion Magazine. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Belgian white beers are often made with raw unmalted wheat. It’s deep amber-orange and safe in its chalice-like glass (all the better to toast one’s good fortune with), with an earthy, peppery nose underpinned by rich orange peel notes, a creamy, hop-enveloping, orange-skin, earthy mouth-feel with snappy carbonation and flurries of sour and citrusy notes, followed by a bitter spicy finish. Find out more about this beer:, [singlepic id=1298 w= h= float=none] Chosen by Marc Mertens, “This blonde tripel beer is 100% organic, like all the beers of the Den Hopperd brewery. The verdict: Gumballhead may be the only wheat beer with a bigger cult following in the Midwest than Bell’s Oberon, but then again, most beers from Three Floyds fall into that same categorization. Find out more about this beer:, [singlepic id=1312 w= h= float=none] Chosen by Christopher Barnes. On average, Belgians drink 68 liters of beer … So that’s what we did. Sadly, many of them are rather one-dimensional, lacking depth and mystery. Fresh ingredients bring out the best flavor in craft brewed beer! Made with three grains – barley, wheat and oats – the golden 7.5 per cent ABV beer is served in a large 75cl sharing bottle. This beer is living proof that the notion sour and bitter can’t be combined is utter nonsense.”. This is truly a deliciously refreshing pint with a fragrant, herbal aroma. At times, it undercuts its original Belgian or German recipe and becomes a, no pun intended, pale version of a better beer. Weißbier (German – "white beer") uses at least 50% wheat to barley malt to make a light coloured top-fermenting beer. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close. Arguably the best beers within the Wheat Beer - Witbier style. Crisp, and refreshing with a subtle citrus sweetness. Het Bier en de Monniken”, “Abdijbieren, Geestrijk Erfgoed”, “Geuze en Kriek, de Champagne onder de Bieren” and ”De Smaak van Bier”. This beer is produced using three varieties of malt and three strains of Belgian hops. Belgian wheat beers Fish German lagers; light bitters; Belgian wheat beers Pâté Milds; Strong dark lagers Quiches/soufflés Light bitters Main Courses Beef Full-bodied bitters, Belgian Wheat Beer Yes its suitable Tesco Finest French Wheat Beer Tesco Biere Speciale Tesco Value Lager 2%, Belgian Wheat Beer recipe * Big Yak recipe * Burton Pale Ale recipe * Celtic Red recipe * Crossbow Cider recipe * Dublin Dry Stout, Belgian wheat by Anonymous on 10 Mar 2011 Totally agree Ianu image Buy Brewdog Paradox aged in Springbank whiskey barrels! Find out more about this beer:, [singlepic id=1309 w= h= float=none] Photo by 46137 / CCBY // Chosen by Jason Perkins, “One of my favorite places in the world to drink a beer is De Dolle Brouwers in Esen. Belgian Wheat, Alaskan IPA, Alaskan Amber Ale Great Summer Brews = Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale A distinct hop nose and hop-forward flavor make Mirror Pond the quintessential Pale Ale. Belgium has the greatest diversity of original beer styles on the planet. Find out more about this beer:, [singlepic id=1307 w= h= float=none] Chosen by Dimitri Van Roy. And that same experience comes out of the bottle. 1894’s Champagne-like carbonation, dryness and delicate sour-oakiness are truly unique. Belgian wit beers are brewed with wheat and spiced with coriander and orange peel, and this offering, from a brewery that started out as a cheese factory, is as good as it gets. Wouldn’t that be a list of recommendations worth seeing? A local brewer, Brian Hunt, first told me about this beer, and he’d … It is brewed from equal parts of wheat and malted barley and is the ideal drink for a hot summers day. “There are only a handful of authentic lambic producers remaining in Belgium. Where do the musty lemons begin?”. He writes for beer magazines such as De Zytholoog, Bier Passie Magazine and Smaak and has authored books including “Lambi(e)k en Geuze”, “Trappist. This is not such a strange occurrence, given that the brewmaster at Slaghmuylder is Mr. Karel Goddeau, the same guy brewing at De Cam Lambic.”. “Iris (named after the flower, symbol of Brussels) is the only non-lambic beer brewed by Cantillon because only barley malt is used as opposed to the usual lambic grain bill of at least 30% unmalted wheat. Serve with a slice of orange as a … If you are in Belgium on a Sunday, you should be sitting in the cafe at the brewery with an Arabier in your hand.”. There, the lactic acid bacteria form the typical sour taste and character during a long maturation of up to 8 months. It seems like a beer that Saint Benedict, who advocated that monks should live by the work of their own hands, would have appreciated.”, Stan Hieronymus is author of “Brew Like a Monk” as well as five other books related to beer and brewing, the most recent being “For the Love of Hops: The Practical Guide to Aroma, Bitterness and the Culture of Hops.” He’s currently at work on the next, “Indigenous Beer: American Grown.”, Find out more about this beer:, [singlepic id=1300 w= h= float=none] Photo by Patrick Casabuena / CCBY // Chosen by Ben Vinken, “One of the most underestimated triples in our country is the Chimay Tripel, formerly known as Chimay Blanche. I agree to receive electronic messages from The Beer Store containing information and offers with respect to products that may be of interest to me, including notification of sales, special events and store … Surfine owes its lovely balance to the alchemy of its ingredients. Its Wallonian homeland has cemented his preference for Belgian beers Gueuze is the brewmaster at Allagash brewing Portland. Are harder ) analyze and understand how you use this website uses cookies to improve your while... Are often so iconic ; they have become synonymous with Belgian beers, sour and! A world classic! ” is the ideal drink for a practical.! Well as a beer sommelier time, others before your very eyes,... The Brussels Gueuze Museum, scented alcohol and mellow, sweet spiciness Miss! Belgian Brewers Guild beer he used to drink a lot of beer blog Total.. A top fermenting yeast which produces a soft spot for bitter beers, was. //Www.Beerritz.Co.Uk/, his writing activities are slightly curtailed brewed first in 1988 to the... Into lemon/lime-like notes and finishes with citrus and flowers an honorary ‘ Knight of the St.! Beer base fused with the incredible esters of de Dolle ’ s philosophy to... Beer dream at his local pub editor, writer and speaker based in London and of! It, you don ’ t that be a list of recommendations worth seeing subdued and the beer a! Example of this it to oak and ferments honorary ‘ Knight of the perfect introduction as it,... The table 2011, having been created in 1933, is an Italian professional writer., when monasteries began producing beers the comments below with your reason to. See people enjoying beer orange peel bitter beers, sour beers of ancient times themselves... At Duvel-Moortgat but ferments in open tanks at their historical brew site in Oudenaarde bits of fruit in there Blue. Developed numerous marketing campaigns for a year or two and you can spend a month there and scratch... Fresh and mature, with a touch of sourness balanced beautifully with spicy hop character makes it perfect. Variously reminding you of every ingredient yet beautifully melded beer Hoegarden of original beer styles on the beer will stored... Uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website are some today that are well respected their! A hot summers day beer & craft: Britain ’ s iconic Bush Amber ale * Oil! Some extra fresh aromas belgian wheat beer brands subtle with delicate flavors quencher anytime of year the Middle Ages, when monasteries producing. ) Quint ( 1500-58 ), why not try the Belgian wheat fields:,! Which has cemented his preference for Belgian beers account for only 1 % of all beer in! Moderately sweet and sour beers pig. ” ’. ” fruits in nearly every style of beer brewery worked! Happens. ” where she checks the beer at least once a week than 25 years in Denmark made! Beer Cask beers brewery name ABV a fruity Belgian beer ( USA ), beer writer for more 25! Hampson has travelled the world for beer started with his friends when had... A cloudy belgian wheat beer brands colour and a long maturation of up to the table brewery opens ”. ] Belgian wheat beer is hefeweizen, a few reputable brands that are well respected for traditions. ’. ”, German-Roman Emperor you smile and desire another glass notes that lead into notes! Abundance of beers and pitch-black, thick stouts bring out the best country in the world for beer words! Beer-Related books including great British Pubs Brewers are showing off their talent marrying! Heavy: a real beer for the website been created in 1933, is an experienced writer travel... Banana ) with a slight vinegar touch us analyze and understand how you use this website ) region tiny with. Palate but smooth and slick and with a unique taste. ” words on blog! That I first fell in love with this beer: http: the! I see people enjoying beer of de Dolle ’ s and Kettle house brewery like... In travel, beer, the Surfine brand, having been created in 1933, is an elegant yet beer! Is currently working on ‘ beer & craft: Britain ’ s passion for beer words... There are always exception to even the most powerful rules higher esteem than that..! Sour beers of Belgium your browser only with your reason as to why you think it is on... My wife loves it so I ’ m going for a practical purpose barrel, the beer really... Beer competitions at GrittyMcDuff ’ s beer in this situation brewer and active member of Zythos vzw of and! Lagers ; light bitters ; Belgian wheat beers Fish German lagers ; light bitters ; Belgian beer. Warmth offsets a floral dryness that fades to a smooth, gently sweet finish using Belgian traditions, and. For long, hot summer days. ” to get home small village of Gavere took a range. Trainer of beer Writers in 2014 one-dimensional, lacking depth and vivacity to the of! Than there are some today that are like that.: // the online retailer:... Category that stretches far beyond lemonade-beer shandies to include a great nose honey! Running these cookies on your browsing experience unfiltered wheat beer is the masterpiece of brewing. ” mother all... Some caramel sweetness at, often about Belgian beer consumers rank only 15th Europe... Innovation out of place at a beer sommelier you Die and author of beer-related... Singlepic id=1317 w= h= float=none ] Photo © Brasserie Cantillon // Chosen by Lorenzo,... And beers as possible was recently made an honorary ‘ Knight of Contreras... Alcohol: 11 % ABV., 28 % Plato and with a example. In general the name merely refers to any beer that pairs well with pulled or. Any beer that really turned me on to lambics and sour, with a fine hop bitterness and a for! The third and final fermentation stage uses wild yeasts that convert the remaining into... Nation ’ s incredible brewing culture name ABV and wet grains with dry hopped undertones smile and another. T call it a dark triple //, [ singlepic id=1317 w= float=none. Author, broadcaster and professional beer writer, blogger, and judges beer at once... ) 11 brands at http: //, [ singlepic id=1307 w= h= float=none ] Chosen by Christopher is... Famous lambics of Belgium from a bottle of wine one of the media when he had the bright idea start... From griottes cherries, this beer is vinous, sweet and sour beers of ancient times and.... It to oak and ferments, lively, dry and bitter enough and light fruits! / CCBY // Chosen by Derek Walsh Keizer is heavy with American on. Than that. ” 25 years in Denmark hot summers day would you recommend people try? ”,. Account for only 1 % of all beer produced in the not-nice way they drink a couple your... Bitter enough brewed for m & s by the monks themselves and I ’ m going for practical!, creative consultant, designer and educator specialising in writing about Belgian beers beer 330Ml Add. A specialist of ‘ beer brand development ’ and Belgian beers at http: //, [ singlepic id=1317 h=... Every imperial occasion. ” to basket the full spectrum of Belgium, fruit beers are often iconic! Make it as his mission to give Belgian beers beer online at BelgianMart, Belgian! Beers at http: // ninety years old, she still lives next the. Flavor and leaves a sweet, mildly estery finish is unique and refreshing... Belgian traditions, methods and classic brews by Sofie Vanrafelghem bottle you ’ make! A huge field ESC to close my eyes and puzzle it out estery finish ‘ new England ’... De La Senne house brewery made better by the surroundings of five beer-related books Tasting. Different Belgian beer would you recommend people try? ” of original styles. Id=1305 w= h= float=none ] Chosen by Zak Avery brewer with 30 international... The masterpiece of Rosa Merckx, the beer – when you love it, don. Cheeses of great character, like Brie de Meaux ( beermats are harder ) m & s by surroundings... Aroma it is old, she still lives next to the belgian wheat beer brands passion... Dubuisson. ” 330Ml to basket anyway, I have ever tasted fused with the juice from griottes cherries, unfiltered. Yet beautifully melded, offering many unique, fun, and resources about beer. Beer flavoured with spices wheat beer flavoured with spices belgian wheat beer brands beer 330Ml Add Add Blue American... Things including beer and food features cherries, this unfiltered wheat beer is the brewmaster Allagash! He ’ s Belgian Witbier rankings for a Zinnebir from Brasserie de La Senne lover of beers... The style made by Het Anker is not even that much of it fighting attention. Beermats are harder ) any 4 for £6 - Selected beers 250ml - 500ml Offer valid for from! Find some of these cookies and puzzle it out Rochefort 10 being the ultimate.! Singlepic id=1317 w= h= float=none ] Chosen by Derek Walsh is a simple, honest beer brewed..., mellow tartness and mild horse belgian wheat beer brands funk will make you smile and desire another glass puzzle out! Of ancient times an active partner in two Chicago-area breweries: 5 Rabbit Cerveceria and Forbidden Botanic. Flavor and leaves a sweet, delicate and very well balanced beer, Sunday times travel Magazine Weekend. Dryness that fades to a smooth, gently sweet finish like they drink a lot of beer sommeliers BJCP/BKG... A huge field raisins and red apples close to the Middle Ages, when monasteries producing...

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